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Aid during the crisis

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On December 15th, 2013, crisis engulfed South Sudan. What began as a small conflict in the capital of Juba quickly spread into countrywide violence. 


Old Fangak, fortunately, stayed safe.


ASMP volunteers were scheduled to fly into Old Fangak on December 18th. Out of precaution, ASMP held back those volunteers and pulled out all volunteers on the ground within a matter of days.

Over the next few days and weeks as the conflict engulfed the country, Old Fangak remained an oasis of peace and security. As a result, a large number of internally displaced people (IDPs) sought refuge in Old Fangak. Some walked from as far as Malakal- over 80 miles away. The clinic in Old Fangak started treating gunshot wound victims who came all the way to the village to seek treatment.


In January, our partner Dr. Jill Seaman returned to the village to treat the large number of IDPs and wounded. One experienced ASMP volunteer, David Kapla, returned to the village with Dr. Jill. 


Dr. Jill quickly went to work in the clinic, which was at double capacity. David led our local apprentices in constructing temporary shelters for the IDPs. Vital aid was provided to the people during these trying times.

Perhaps even more importantly, the people of Old Fangak were uplifted by the sight of people returning to the village to help. A tenuous sense of hope and optimism returned, despite the sadness of watching the chaos in the rest of the country.


ASMP will remain committed to the people of Old Fangak, and will continue to help them before we have to leave when the rainy season starts. We are praying that a newly signed Cessation of Hostilities will hold, and that peace will slowly return to the country. The people in South Sudan do not want this conflict; a power struggle by a few is having an unfortunate impact on the many. We are standing by the people in South Sudan.

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