Our Team

The Alaska Sudan Medical Project is made up of a dedicated group volunteers who are committed to helping the people of South Sudan and supporting the work Dr. Jill Seaman.

This is a grass roots effort that is growing daily. Our team members include people from all walks of life and all over the country, but with one thing in common: A strong Alaskan can-do attitude to overcome diverse challenges to help our friends across the world.

This work takes the kind of guts Alaskans are trained for,” Jon Waterhouse told fellow volunteers at an ASMP meeting. “That’s what makes this an organization I want to support. It’s an Alaskan grassroots project with gutsy, ingenious, explorers and adventurers willing to work against the odds.


Alaska Sudan Medical Project

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Board of Directors


Jack E. Hickel
Board President

David Fenn

Vice President


Todd A. Hardesty

Mark P. Melchert

Jon A. Waterhouse


Jason D. Hahn



Lisa M. Eyler


Rob Crotty


C. John Eng






Jessica Curtis

Program Director


Stephen Ayul
National Program Manager, South Sudan

David Kapla
Program Manager, volunteer

Dennis Weber
Project Manager, volunteer


Josie Hickel

Finance Advisor, volunteer






Dr. Jill Seaman

“Dr. Jill” provides the only health care available in Old Fangak and returns to Bethel, Alaska each summer where she works for several months to fund her work in Africa.  Dr. Jill Seaman was recently selected as a recipient of the 2009 MacArthur Fellows award for her work delivering and improving medical treatment in Sudan. She was featured in a “Risk Takers” article in National Geographic Magazine in January 2013 (War Zone Doctor). The had also been previously recognize by Time Magazine as a “Hero of Medicine.”


Latest News

Aid during the crisis

29 Jan 2014

On December 15th, 2013, crisis engulfed South Sudan. What began as a small conflict in the capital of Juba quickly spread into countrywide violence. Old Fangak, fortunately, stayed safe. ...

Success in 2014

02 Feb 2015
Success in 2014

After a successful work season in Old Fangak, there is much to look forward to! In the year 2015: Fewer children will die from preventable diseases. Fewer mothers will...

Heartbreak and Hope

18 Jul 2016

We want to introduce you to one of our volunteers in South Sudan, Nyaruma – though that’s not her real name, and this isn’t a picture of her either. She...


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